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We all know the burning feeling of embarrassment if we have ever been turned down or judged because of a financial issue. We often experience our financial worthiness as reflecting on ourselves as individuals, too. It can be mortifying to have a realtor, banker or mortgage lender tell us we are not “credit worthy” or not “qualified” for a home purchase. Such experiences can feel emotionally negative and even painful.

It’s not just a credit issue, it’s an emotional issue, too.

We understand these feelings! Channel this emotional energy by getting the expertise of a certified housing counselor who has worked with thousands of people who have been in the same exact situation. Millions of people just like you have had once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resulted in a past foreclosure, short sale or other credit issue that affect their capacity to purchase a home now, years later. Many people just like you have worked hard to overcome their setbacks only to discover that miscoded credit references or other credit technicalities continue to hold back their progress. Our team understands what you are experiencing and will serve your needs in a warm, supportive and confidential manner. Let us help you succeed in achieving your financial goals and outcomes.